Project Seahorse

Nova Online: Kingdom of the Seahorse

Sea Turtles

Leatherback Sea Turtles: Creature Feature (National Geographic)

Turtle Trax

Leatherback Trust [Leatherback Sea Turtles]

Sea Turtle Conservancy

Polar Bears

Polar Bear International

Sea Otters

Saving Sea Otters


Save the Manatee Club

National Geographic Creature Feature: Manatee

Whales and Dolphins

Blue Whale: Creature Feature (National Geographic)

Journey North: Gray Whale

Bottlenose Dolphins: Creature Feature (National Geographic)

Nature: Humpback Whales

Save the Whales

Nature: Sperm Whale: The Real Moby Dick

Whales—Giant, Mysterious Creatures of the Sea [EcoKids/Canada]


Bull Shark: Creature Feature (National Geographic)

University of Florida [sharks]

Saving Sharks: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Great White Shark: Creature Feature (National Geographic)

Hammerhead Sharks (National Geographic Kids creature feature)

Sand Tiger Shark (National Geographic creature feature)

Horseshoe Crabs

Horseshoe Crabs, A Living Fossil

Octopuses and Squids

The Octopus News Magazine Online

Nature: The Octopus Show

In Search of the Giant Squid: Smithsonian/Ocean Planet

National Geographic: Holy Squid [first photos of giant squid]


World of the Penguin

Nature: The World of Penguins

Sea Dragons

Leafy Sea Dragons [includes a video of a leafy sea dragon swimming]


Clown Anemonefish: Creature Feature (National Geographic)

General Sea Animals

Sea and Sky Website Links (check out the website too)

Sea World Animal Info Books (online)
In-depth information about many different kinds of sea animals

Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

World Wildlife Fund





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